14 Unseen pics from Indo-Pak war 1965




Today we are Celebrating Golden Jubilee of Indo Pak War 1965. No one can forget the scarifies of the brave Indian Soldiers, who devoted their lives to the Nation. So, here are some unseen pics of 1965 which will take you to war time.

1. Frontline troops of the Indian Army fighting in Kasur sector of Pakistan

2. Heavy metal Indian troops walk past the war dead and tanks abandoned by retreating Pakistani troops.

3. Pak pontoon bridge destroyed by retreating forces. Ichogil Canal, East Lahore.

4. Major Ranjit Singh Dayal led the Indian assault on Haji Pir Pass.

5. More than 100,000 Indian soldiers fought in the war.

6. India lost 97 tanks; 450 Pakistani tanks were destroyed or captured.

7. Taking control Indian troops stream into a deserted Pakistani village near Sialkot.

8. Other side Women training in Dacca, E. Pakistan, 1965.

9. Indian soldiers hoist the Tricolour on August 28, 1965, after capturing the strategic Haji Pir Pass. As part of the Tashkent Declaration, India returned Haji Pir to Pakistan.