Raid in Dhanas, Milk Colony and Food Outlets in Sector 34



SDM During Inspection at Medical Store


Chandigarh: As per the directions of Adviser to the Administrator, a team comprising of Sh. Prince Dhawan, IAS, Sub Divisional Magistrate (Central), U.T., Chandigarh along with Sh. Sunil Kumar, Drugs Control Officer, Sh. Jasbir Singh, Drugs Inspector, Sh. Bharat Kanojia, Food Safety Officer and the officials of Food and Supply Department, Chandigarh Administration inspected the premises of Chemist Shop’s situated in Village Dhanas and Milk Colony, and food outlets in Sector-34, Chandigarh for implementation/enforcement of Drugs and Cosmetics Act/Rule and FSSAI Act and Rules to check/verify the sale of intoxicant/habit forming drugs through chemist shops/drug licensee.  During the raid, many discrepancies have been found, which are commonly as follows:-

  1. License not found displayed at prominent place;
  2. The chemist shops are being run without/in absence of a pharmacist (License holder);
  3. Sale and purchase record of the intoxicant drugs could not be produced by anyone on demand;
  4. Habit forming drugs such as Alprex, Codeine Syrups are being sold      without keeping a record of sale;
  5. Sale books are poorly maintained;
  6. Even premises have been found in dusty conditions;

The detail of inspected Drug Shops are as under:-

1. M/S Utranchal Medicos, Village Dhanas;

The shop was running without a qualified Pharmacist and the owner of the shop failed to produce the register of sale of schedule H & Hi drugs, which are required to be maintained properly.  Hence the shop has been closed down and show cause notice has also been issued.

2. M/S Khanna Medicos, Milk Colony, Dhanas;

3. M/S Aryan Medicos, Milk Colony, Dhanas;

4. M/S Jai Durga Medicos, Sector-34;

5. M/S Diwan Medicos, Sector-34;

The above four shops will be issued Show Cause Notices for the above said discrepancies. 

The detail of inspected Eating Points are as under:-

  1. M/S Chaplin Fast Food, Sector-34;
  2. M/S Toshib  Fast Food, Sector-34;
  3. M/S Krishna Chat Shop, Sector-34;
  4. La Pinokia Pizza, Sector-34;
  5. M/S Maa Durga Sweets, Sector-34;

The kitchen of M/S Chaplin Fast Food was found in a very dirty condition and he shall be issued a SCN accordingly. The workers of M/S Krishna Chat Shop were found without proper uniform and without cap.  Minor discrepancies were found in Toshib Fast Food.  Hence notices will be issued to the shops. 

M/S La Pinos Pizza and M/S Maa Durga Sweets were found in proper condition.

The following two shops were running without a proper Food Licence, hence both shops have been ordered to be closed down till further orders.

6. M/S Yamla Fast Food, Sector-34;

7. M/S Treat Point, Sector-34; 

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